How to get featured!

Luxury Lodging, or luxury travel outings are welcome to have me experience their ever so lovely escapades.

This includes:

  • yachts
  • luxury boutique holiday homes/villas
  • resorts
  • luxury spas
  • luxury tours / historical tours
  • animal / nature parks

Product Testing 

This includes:

  • makeup
  • skincare
  • hair products
  • full lace
  • hair extensions / eyelash extensions
  • beauty grooming procedures
  • wearing clothing designs, or jewelry for photographed events

Food / Drink Tasting

This inlcudes:

  • cafes
  • highend restaurants
  • lounge
  • specialty shops, for example a ‘French chocolate shop’

For shops, and or designers that would like to have their items, featured in product shots, or being modeled by a model, this is a great way to have your target audience broadened outside of Bali, Indonesia.

It also offers shops, and designers another option for advertising.  I also produce, and style ad campaigns, and provide seo formatted blogs, and copywriting.  My styling portfolio can be found here: Style Compass Image Consultants

Feel free to contact me about the details at, …

We Thank you, at Style Compass Media