Grass and Grain – Style Compass Media

Grass and Grain

Writer- Monica M. Lawton
The ever so lovely hosts of Grass and Grain invited me over for breakfast, now that I have a think on it, I may have invited myself.  (But that’s neither here nor there…)  I was greeted with warm smiles, and since I was hungry after my walk over, I was ready to try anything.  The best part is, I didn’t even need to make an order.  I only said, I wanted something that makes me feel good.  Well the ‘chia breakfast‘ did the trick, along with Chinese Royal High Tea.  Naturally I stayed longer than planned, because it’s just so cozy, and inviting with the beautiful decor.  Then I had a grapefruit, and ginger spritzer.  I decided to tell the owners, I liked their place, because I’m not certain they got the message, until they invited me to join them for dinner.  Long story short, I love the owners, and their Grass and Grain Cafe.  If you have a moment, pop over to Bathe, they have a customized skincare / bath care range, to suit your specific needs, not to mention the lovely decor

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